Quotes from Industry and Leaders

Education in agriculture is enormously important for the future, as indicated by the following quotes

The Agricultural Research Service

(U.S. Department of Agriculture’s in-house research agency)

Daily, ARS focuses on solutions to agricultural problems affecting America. Each dollar invested in agricultural research results in $20 of economic impact. 

“Among the results to emerge thus far: … beef cattle production accounted for 3.3 percent of all U.S. GHG emissions (By comparison, transportation and electricity generation together made up 56 percent of the total in 2016 and agriculture in general 9 percent).  Fossil energy (for example, fuel) use in cattle production accounted for less than 1 percent of the total consumed nationally.  Cattle only consumed 2.6 pounds of grain per pound of beef cut weight (or butchered carcass weight), which was comparable to pork and poultry.”

Anthony Pratt, Executive Chairman, Visy

The Australian Newspaper – 25 February, 2019 – Global Food Forum                                         

“Today’s school-leaver with… megatronics or advanced engineering or data analytics need look no further than farming and food processing for a fascinating career.” “Currently our Universities have 1% of under-graduates studying agriculture related courses.  We should be aiming to double that in 10 years. In fact, we’ll need to because right now there aren’t enough food graduates to fill the hi-tech food Agri jobs.” 

Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery, AC, CVO, MC,

Chairman of Soils for Life, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (2019)

“As National Soil Advocate and Chairman of Soils for Life, I fully support the C Y O’Connor Institute’s approach to research on how to improve our regenerative farming concept and am delighted to accept their farm as a case study”.


Global Food Forum

The Australian Newspaper – 21 March, 2019 – Extract of keynote speech at Global Food Forum

“…adding value through further processing or added-value horticulture is better than just selling bulk commodities, which undersells the value of our farmers’ expertise and is risky…  There is a booming export demand for our safe food…  One of Australia’s special advantages is counter-seasonality, selling our summer fruit to northern winters, which has helped push Australia’s citrus exports to China up by a massive 78 per cent…  Investing in food value-adding is much better than taking out crop insurance, because value-added products are a hedge against bad weather…  Export food, not jobs!… New technology will boost productivity…”  

Mark Allison, Chief Executive, Elders

The Australian Newspaper – 25 February, 2019 – Global Food Forum

“It was vital to ensure that technological advances in agriculture were relevant, practical, effective and ultimately adopted” and simply did not…collect dust on bookshelves.” 

Professor Roger Dawkins, Chairman, CY O'Connor ERADE Village Foundation

Mandurah Mail – 8 February, 2019

“… support advanced research activities and early-stage start-ups focussed on solving problems in the $7.8 trillion global Agri-food industry.  We are making it happen by collaborating with industry, all levels of Government, Universities and international organisations.” “We have also recently reached an agreement with Soils for Life… to undertake a trial with WA farmers undertaking regenerative agriculture practices.” 

David Bolt, President, Shire of Murray

Farm Weekly – 14 February, 2019

Described the first stage research and training centres as a “game changer”.It’s not often people (like Professor Dawkins) put their money where their mouth is,” Mr Bolt said. “It does make a difference because it is the catalyst for other people to …join us …bring scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs …stimulate employment …support the Shire’s initiatives for education, particularly in science and technology, engineering and maths. “It encourages the changes agriculture needs to be competitive into the future,” he said.

Andrew Hastie MP, Member for Canning

‘Turning of Sod’ launch – 6 February, 2019

“The centre is designed to conduct research that will lead to more productive and sustainable agriculture in the Peel region.”

Paul Fitzpatrick Chairman, Peel Development Commission 2014-2017

Launch Peel Regional Investment BLUEPRINT – December, 2015

“Technological innovation and design, economic diversity and a highly skilled and flexible workforce will be the critical drivers of the Peel’s success…” 

Michael McCormack, Deputy Prime Minister & Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development

Mandurah Mail – 8 February, 2019

“The Australian Government’s $2.5 million investment will provide a substantial economic boost to the Peel region and surrounding area.  It will attract new business and entrepreneurs and create a strong network of agriculture science in the Peel region.”